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Spiritual Roadtrip is a heart-warming and spiritually uplifting account of a father's relationship with his son, Erik, who has Down syndrome. The book is divided into three parts. Part one covers the time period between Erik's birth and his graduation (he called it retirement) and emphasizes his loving relationship with members of our family. Part two highlights the most important life lessons I have learned from Erik, many of which occurred on our numerous road trips. Part three illustrates aspects of Erik's personality, several of which serve as spiritual reminders of how we should live our lives.

Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Later that day, after Kathy returned from the recovery room to her room, I went in to tell her the news. She sensed something was wrong as tears welled up in my eyes. "What is it John?" she asked. "Is Erik all right?" I tried to hold back the tears, but that was impossible. I began crying as I told her the news, and she cried with me. We held each other tight and promised each other that we would love and take care of Erik always. At the time, of course, we had no idea of how much we would learn from Erik.

Epilogue Excerpt:

He has taught me to love unconditionally. He has helped me become more peaceful. He has helped me to be more aware of THIS moment. He constantly reminds me that I make the choice to experience a "nice day" or a "happy face." He has taught me to see how much of the beauty exists in the world. He has reminded me to Breathe, Smile and Be Here Now!

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