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John Napotnik

Retired Educator

I have taught a variety of courses at the middle school (10 years), high school (24 years), and Community College level (2 years). At the middle school I taught Physical Science preparing students for physics and chemistry at the high school. In particular, I became fascinated with quantum theory and its similarity to eastern mysticism. At the high school I taught a variety of social studies courses including World History, American History, Sociology, etc. However, the course I taught most often was Psychology. After retirement, I taught two years of Psychology at Butler Community College.

I loved teaching, especially Psychology because it was a class where all students could contribute to class discussions. The street-wise, but less academic students, as well as the brightest students, had valuable insights to share on any topic. I enjoyed challenging students and inspiring them to reach their full potential.  I tried to instill in them the idea that anything was possible if they believed and worked toward their goals. I am both humbled and honored by the number of students who wrote about how much they enjoyed my class. Several have told me they have become teachers because of my class.

I also coached football while teaching at the high school. It was very rewarding experience and many of the relationships built during that time continue to this day.

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